TP Project Band Bio

TP Project, a Totally Professional Musical Aggregation

They are the epitome of musical professionalism. Their instrumental structure is solid. It’s also designed to cover every musical sound possible. They can take you from one genre of music to another without missing a beat. This opening statement best describes the structure and intent of this handpicked musical group known as the TP Project.

Each group member was specifically selected for their professional ability, their versatility, their musical knowledge and their ability to play more than one instrument proficiently. These were the basic requirements necessary for one to be considered for a membership spot in this musical aggregation designed by

Anthony “Tony” Woodson to musically accommodate the versatile songsational vocalist, Priscilla Woodson. By the way!! If there is a similarity between the last name of Tony and Priscilla; it’s because they are husband and wife. TP Project members are seriously dedicated musicians with somewhat similar musical backgrounds including their musical beginnings, their schooling, formal musical training and their upbringing in the City of Columbus, Ohio. It should also be noted that each member of this musical aggregation formally studied music, and can play more than one instrument proficiently. Collectively TP Project is a musical group that’s, tight, dedicated, professional, well balanced and the perfect musical fit for a dynamic singer named Priscilla Woodson. Individually the members of the TP Project are...

Anthony “Tony” Woodson was born in West Virginia. He attended Elementary and Junior High Schools in Columbus, Ohio before he graduated from Eastside High and joined the army. He studied music and played trumpet in Junior High School before he switched to playing drums. Before graduating from Eastside High School he learned to play the piano. Following his graduation he joined the army and continued to play piano throughout his military career. He also credits his wife Priscilla as the co-finder of TP Project. Michael McDonald was one of his early musical influences.

Lady Priscilla Woodson an extraordinary classically trained vocalist. A singer who has mastered and continues to sore in vocal performance. Talents are but not limited to multi dimensional cross over vocalist, vocal coach, inspirational coach, song writing, music industry consultant and more.

Mark Pinkston attended Elementary and Junior High Schools in the Columbus area before graduating from Eastside High School. It was at East High School that he met and became a lifelong friend of Tony Woodson. His earlier music interests and studies were with the saxophone which he still plays today. It was after High school that Mark started playing bass.

James Shaw another aspiring musician and a Columbus resident was so excited about playing music, he taught himself to play on the family piano. He was later encouraged to learn to read music and play as a student of music by his aunt. Today, he is one of the more sought after keyboard players in the City of Columbus, Ohio and a rock solid member of TP Project. He is also East High school graduate.

Tony Cooper was also born in West Virginia and completed his formal schooling in Columbus, Ohio. He vividly recalls how he longed to play his father’s guitar as a youngster. His serious musical training started at home in Lester, West Virginia. He learned to read music and started playing drums then the guitar. He was 10 years old when his parents moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1975.

Antoine Jamaal Woodson became interested in music as a youngster while accompanying his mother on various singing engagements at churches around Columbus, Ohio. Before long the music bug bit him and he began his formal study of music, encouraged by both his mother and father. He studied music formally on the drums and taught himself to play keyboards.

Darnell Sheridan was born in Denver, Colorado before the family moved to Chicago. His father loved jazz and blues and he heard a lot of it growing up. In high school he learned to play the saxophone and played in school orchestras, marching bands and jazz bands throughout his school years. When he moved to Columbus he continued his musical studies and also started playing in churches. Darnell is a well rounded musician and adds a lot professionally and musically to TP Project.

Their first CD, The Message, was released in 2003, and is characterized by soulful renditions such as '"Thank You," "Without God," and "Leaning & Trusting." The group's sophomore CD, Trevitt St. & 169th Terrace was released in 2006 and reveals the growth of this dynamic ministry with songs such as "Living for Jesus," "What's Going On?" and "Alright." In June 2009, the band released CD entitled Juneteenth LIVE. In November 2010, Priscilla Woodson released hei first holiday production entitled Christmas Expressions. Finally a never done before project. Priscilla also released a CD project entitled "Song Bird" December 2011. This project features 20th Century music classic music made famous by Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald and more.