Lady Priscilla Woodson
For more than 20 years, Priscilla Woodson has proven she is an entertainer of immeasurable and diverse abilities. From singer and songwriter to musician and actress, she is the embodiment of raw talent. Characterized by class and a commanding presence, Woodson graces her audiences with vocal prowess in jazz, soul, classics, and gospel genres. Her chords penetrate beyond the ears and touch the very soul of her listeners, creating a personal experience for anyone who truly hears.  

Woodson began her music career at the tender age of 10, mesmerizing churchgoers with her strong soprano voice. Recognized as a vocal prodigy, she received formal training by Roscoe Speed, renowned vocal coach, music instructor and mentor in Miami, Florida.  She went on to be named Outstanding Music Student for two consecutive years at American High School in Miami.  True to her never-quit essence, Priscilla continued her education at Miami-Dade Community College and subsequently, enlisted in the United States Armed Forces.  This service to her country afforded her the opportunity to travel globally, abroad and consume the rhythums and sounds of other cultures. 

Woodson’s spirit of service continued throughout her musical career in ministry, as she led children’s, high school, and adult choirs in Columbus, Ohio, as Music Director, Worship Leader, and Director of Worship of local churches. One of her most enjoyable roles was that of Worship Psalmist for New Song Community Church, where she was frequently accompanied by the Vernon Hairston Trio. This out-of-the-box worship atmosphere allowed her to “truly utilize the range of my voice as well as connect with people on a spiritual level,” says Woodson.

While Priscilla is an active member of her church, New Birth Christian Ministries, she is most widely known as being a Renaissance woman who cannot be contained by four walls. Her passion for singing, nourishing the soul, and helping others reach new heights has resulted in various displays of artistry. She starred in the musical stage plays “Love and Street Corner Harmony,” “One Mo’ Christmas,” and “What Color Is Trouble,” produced by Ujima Theatre. Woodson has been a guest host on Radio One, emceed city-wide events, and performed in the grand Lincoln Theatre. Woodson lit up the airwaves as “Lady Soultress,” dynamic host and personality of the Soultress Show on Talktainment Radio from 2010-2013, bringing widespread exposure to hundreds of local artists.

Priscilla Woodson is co-founder and lead singer of TP Project, a Gospel-Jazz recording group. With this band, Woodson has released three CDs: “The Message” (2003); “Trevitt & 169th” (2006); and “Juneteenth LIVE” (2009). Woodson has also released two solo compilations, “Christmas Expressions” (2011) to set the holiday mood, and most recently, “Songbird” (2011), a set of 20th Century Classics which showcase not only her voice, but her moxie as well. In the works are additional solo projects featuring traditional hymns and Christmas favorites.

Woodson’s  current involvements include serving as Youth Music Vocal Instructor for the King Arts Complex in Columbus, Ohio, and providing vocal coaching, industry consulting, and entertainment for hire through her recently established consultancy, P.W. Music Services. With her wide range of skills, her obvious vocal aptitude, and classy style, Priscilla Woodson is truly a musical force to be reckoned with. She resides in the Columbus, Ohio area with her husband, Tony Woodson. For more information and booking requests, please view website or email